Now in our third generation of ownership as an independent firm.
  • Committed to investing in companies with a history of making money
  • Embracing a “contrarian” mindset, including investments away from the mainstream
  • Dedicated to one-on-one client service, built around in-house, careful decisions
As an independent firm, we can consider what investments make sense for the longer term, rather than for the next reporting period.
  • Individual portfolios and retirement accounts
  • Taxable accounts
  • Trusts and foundations
We have the talent here for success on Wall Street or either coast, but we choose to live and practice our profession here in Omaha.
  • With an average of 30-plus years of experience, our team brings varied investment insights
  • We prefer the creative spirit and Midwestern work ethic of Omaha
  • Remaining a focused team means we take time to think about each individual decision
about us

Who is Lawson Kroeker?

There’s so much in a name.

Lawson Kroeker is an investment management firm founded in Omaha in 1986, now in its third generation of ownership. Our founders, Frank Lawson and Ken Kroeker, believed that a thoughtful, consistent and diligent approach would serve clients best.

Today, we still believe this philosophy is a cornerstone to your success. We are a team of “thinkers,” remaining true to focused, long-term investing and financial planning solutions that can help you build and preserve your wealth.

Our team isn’t swayed by the ups and downs of Wall Street – but instead, we deliver the Midwestern work ethic and build the customized portfolio we know our clients deserve. Being an independent firm means we can really listen and think about what investments are truly appropriate for clients. Our success comes from being deliberate, independent and specialized in an increasingly commoditized industry. Welcome to Lawson Kroeker Investment Management. Welcome home.

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30+Our leadership team averages over 30+ years of investing experience.

“When we look at a stock, we really are in it for the long-term. Everybody says they’re long term but they aren’t. We say we are, and we are. There are some stocks I’ve owned for 20 years. When you look for an idea to invest your time and energy in, you want something that can last indefinitely … and that’s what we offer.”
– Ken Kroeker, Co-Founder, Lawson Kroeker Investment Management

Reflecting on the company’s journey, now 30-plus years in the making, Mr. Kroeker explains that consistency and longevity is what sets the team apart.

This foundation of longevity isn’t a trend or an emerging idea. Mr. Kroeker explains that this philosophy has been in place since the company was founded in the 1980s alongside Frank Lawson. “When we started we said it would be a permanent firm. Frank and I owned stock in the company and we have sold that to Tom Sudyka and Bruce Van Kooten, both of whom had a strong history with Lawson Kroeker. And they’ve selected a few to sell it to as they move it forward, and it keeps going like that.”

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