3 Values That Distinguish the Lawson Kroeker Approach
August 26, 2019
When you seek out investment guidance, you want to know that you’re not just a set of numbers. You want a personalized experience that comes from an advisor who shares your values. At Lawson Kroeker, you’ll quickly see that our advisors aren’t the “typical Wall Street” type. In other words, our team’s experience includes large-scale firms at major cities, but we prefer a smaller firm where we can make our decisions in-house.

Take a look at three important values that our advisors embrace and celebrate:


Our advisors focus on each client and their individual needs. While there are similarities between some portfolios, they are never identical. It’s clear to us that smaller is better, and this plays out at Lawson Kroeker in terms of discipline.

How? Having a focus on clients means we have time for a disciplined approach. It allows for the opportunity to look at stocks and manage the money using time-honored principles of investing.

Discipline also comes into play with how our advisors respond to events in the market. Rather than responding like the “herd” to media and market headlines, the Lawson Kroeker team is disciplined to ignore the commotion. Instead, we stick to the investment principles that work over time to build your wealth and protect your assets.


At Lawson Kroeker, there’s a different approach to investing, and it’s all based on relationships and the determination to serve clients well. As Tom Sudyka discusses, the founders of Lawson Kroeker always encouraged advisors to not just treat a client’s portfolio as if it was their own, but to take it a step further.

In fact, our advisors view each portfolio as if it were their mother’s or their grandmother’s. Rather than trying to beat a benchmark or an index, our team is focused on trying to help each client reach their financial goals. In fact, the entire process is personal. Clients can email or make a phone call at any time and speak directly with the Portfolio Manager who is making the decisions. (Consider this approach compared to a large-scale national firm, where hundreds of employees are each serving dozens of clients).


At Lawson Kroeker, we work with clients from a wide variety of financial situations. Employees have a variety of backgrounds.

Among the advisors at Lawson Kroeker, there’s an average of 30+ years of experience. This means they can help you navigate the range of situations and scenarios that can impact your investment strategies.

Our professional team at Lawson Kroeker agrees that there’s a key difference in working this way. Here’s how Tom Sudyka, Portfolio Manager, says it: “We understand that being a smaller firm means we have time to focus on individual client needs and individual portfolios. We have all worked at bigger firms, and at Lawson Kroeker, we have the time to do what we’re really hired to do – and that is manage the money. This makes us a little different.”

Today, we invite you to experience the Lawson Kroeker difference. Contact us and let’s get started on something new together.

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