Are You a Thinker? So Are We.
November 9, 2018
With all you’ve got to do, there’s rarely enough time to really dig into what’s happening in the market. That’s why Lawson Kroeker publishes a quarterly reflection piece, written specifically for the Lawson Kroeker Community of Thinkers. That’s what we call people like you: smart investors who want to know what’s shaping the market and gain some insight into the current investing climate.

When you subscribe to the Lawson Kroeker Community of Thinkers, you’ll receive this piece, called “As We See It,” designed to cover some thought-provoking topics. Here are a few recent subjects that have been covered in recent issues:

Trade Wars: You’ve no doubt seen this phrase tossed around on news sites and in the papers, but what constitutes a trade war and what’s the impact on the global economy. This is your brief primer.

It’s Different This Time: Many investors fear that it’s “different this time,” that a maturing market is expected to tank in a spectacularly unprecedented way. Find out what really is unique about the current condition, and whether there’s any reason to be concerned about this market.

What to Expect When it’s Tax Time: Every year, there are changes to the tax law that affect personal and corporate returns. Find out how changes in how itemized deductions are handled and a changing corporate tax rate are expected to impact your tax return.

The Greenhouse Effect: Surprisingly, this post has nothing to do with the environment, but instead revisits the wisdom of the late Frank Lawson, co-founder of Lawson Kroeker. Find out how the maturing trajectory of an investment can be compared to the cultivation of plants.

The Difference Between Information and Insight: No matter how many gauges you put in the cockpit, information is only as good as the pilot that uses it. Learn how information and insight come together for a better investment strategy.

To access these, plus ongoing issues of “As We See It,” become a member of the Lawson Kroeker Community of Thinkers today!

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