Ask These 4 Questions When Choosing A Financial Advisor
October 5, 2021
Ask These Four Questions When Choosing a Financial Advisor

Choosing a financial advisor can feel intimidating. How do you know whether you can trust someone to handle your investments? You may feel that you don’t even know where to begin to assess whether a financial advisor is a good fit.

There are four key questions that can help you determine whether a particular firm, and a specific advisor, is the right match for your goals:

How do you determine your charges for services? Consider asking whether advisors with a particular firm are paid based on commission. An investment advisor who is a fiduciary has an ethical duty to recommend the best investments for you.

What can I expect from my financial advisor? When you choose a financial advisor, you may wonder how they will approach the relationship and what you can expect in terms of communication and planning.

Lawson Kroeker’s approach is simple, but critical: as fiduciaries, we always make decisions that are solely for your benefit, and we take time to carefully contemplate how an investment might affect your portfolio. Each investment is vetted through a four-step assessment process that determines whether it is a good fit based on lasting value and high-quality stocks.

What will my advisor expect from me? Finding out what your role will be is an important step to choosing the right advisor. We celebrate integrity over short-term gains. In fact, we believe in the fine art of investing. Our team works with clients in a constant flow of finesse and flexibility, carefully crafting the unique picture of what each client wants success to look like.

When you partner with Lawson Kroeker, it is important that we develop a trusted relationship.  We will talk with you about the steps we take to protect your assets and information to build and preserve that trusted relationship between you and your advisor.

What kinds of services do you provide? It is important to know that the financial advisor has the expertise you need to build your portfolio, plan retirement or make plans for your estate.

At Lawson Kroeker, we offer a wide range of services, all developed to help you grow and preserve your wealth for retirement, for your beneficiaries or to benefit a charity. Each of our advisors is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®), which is considered the gold standard in our field, and ensures you can trust the experience and expertise of our staff.

A good way to find out whether a financial advisor is a good fit is simply to set up an initial consultation. Let’s meet for introductions and talk about your reasons for seeking out an advisor. After this conversation, you’ll have a much better feel for whether a partnership with Lawson Kroeker is the right decision for you. Contact us today for an appointment.

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