Don’t Let the “Hot Stuff” Headlines Scare You: 3 Investing Principles That Outrank Trends
May 10, 2021
At Lawson Kroeker, we like to say that we are contrarian. If all of Wall Street is running in one direction, you can count on our advisors to at least ask some serious questions before joining the herd. Does that mean that the advisors simply ignore the headlines when it comes to investing?

Absolutely not. Just like you, Lawson Kroeker advisors are keeping an eye on how events both local and global are impacting investments.

We watch the headlines carefully, but when it comes to trends that contradict the time-tested philosophy around investing, that’s when we get a little contrarian. There are three critical factors that Lawson Kroeker uses when structuring an investment strategy:

Long-Term: Lawson Kroeker’s advisors look for high-quality companies that are expected to perform over time through a disciplined and repeatable process. Investing opportunities are considered through a minimum three- to five-year outlook and holding period.

High-Quality: Investment decisions are always based on rigorous research. In this consideration, we avoid the whims of the market because following the crowd isn’t generally the best plan for achieving success in the long term.

Focused: Lawson Kroeker invests in a small list of favored securities, and those decisions are based on companies where we know and understand their businesses. The focus also extends to our approach with customers, working with only a select few. This focus on a smaller group of companies as well as a smaller group of clients is what sets Lawson Kroeker apart.

When the headlines start buzzing with market news, we are reading those articles just like many advisors across the country. What is different about Lawson Kroeker is that we don’t let the headlines alone dictate strategies for our clients.

We are looking for strategies that align with our philosophy of long-term, high-quality, focused investing. This may not always be the “hot stuff” or the trendy path, but it does mean we can take time to really think and to maintain a commitment to success over time.

Are you looking for investing confidence? Contact us at Lawson Kroeker for an appointment, and we will share with you how we utilize our consistent four-step process – even in times of complex market shifts.


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