Insights Straight From the Midwest
November 25, 2020
One of Omaha’s most famous sons is Warren Buffett, and one key element of his success has been putting into practice a few gems of wisdom that may sound easy, but are, in fact, sometimes challenging to implement.
Here are four key examples:

1. Choose your friends wisely. Buffett says we should also consider the company we keep, and look out for friends that are better than us, and headed in a positive direction. You tend to move in the direction of the crowd you spend time with.

2. End your day a little smarter than you started. You may not have time to read for hours every day like Warren Buffett has been known to do, but you should aim to engage in something that teaches you something new every day.

3. Invest in communication skills. Investing in personal and professional development is always a good choice, and learning to improve your written and verbal communication is a smart way to do it.

4. Get comfortable with “no.” The most successful people, says Warren Buffett, say no to many things.

Even if life is changing a bit for you, remember that now is always a good time to both DREAM and DO.
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