Investment Management: The Lawson Kroeker Difference
September 28, 2018
No two investors are alike, which is why no two portfolios should be identical. Sure, there may be resemblances here and there, but when you bring the right investment management firm aboard, you get professionals who know that each client deserves individualized attention.

This principle of one-on-one attention is something that smaller firms have the luxury to afford – and it’s what Lawson Kroeker Investment Management is set up to do. Rather than operating from the coasts or from the hectic pace of Wall Street, the professional advisors and team at Lawson Kroeker operate out of the Midwest (by choice, and gladly).

We’re different … and maybe a little bit “old-school.” We’re practicing a philosophy of patience, never letting emotions or media headlines get in the way of rational decision-making. We don’t chase fads, preferring instead to stay the course. This kind of “old school” helps guide clients toward success over time.

Our clients can talk to us about decisions at any time. When our clients reach out to us, they’re actually talking to the people who make the decisions regarding their investment future. We know exactly what they want and need, and we’re making those decisions –instead of an outside resource.

Diverse backgrounds create many solutions. Another aspect that makes us different is that our backgrounds are diverse among our investment professionals. Some come from the mutual fund industry, while others come up from banks and others from brokerage firms. It’s this diversity that helps us to come to the right solutions for our clients.

We don’t follow a philosophy of “if you don’t look busy then you aren’t busy.” Our clients prefer thinkers – and that’s what we allow ourselves to do at Lawson Kroeker. We aren’t afraid to carefully reflect on the industry as we make decisions.

Why is this so important? Because your plans aren’t like anyone else’s plans. Contact us today and let’s talk about what’s possible for your unique future.

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