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Lawson Kroeker Investment Management was founded in 1986 on the belief that a thoughtful, consistent and diligent approach would serve our clients best. This means investing in companies we know and understand, and those that have a history of success. It means remaining independent and focused on a select group of companies and clients, so that we always have time to think about our decisions.

In the words of our co-founders, we tell our clients that we plan on being a permanent firm. They can count on our team being around and remaining consistent. We keep it this way to preserve the philosophy, the approach and the culture. And to do what matters most … serve you as an individual.

  • We Choose Omaha. We did in the beginning. We still do.
  • Steady and Focused. Maybe a little “old-school,” since 1986.
  • 30 Years “Contrarian” In a commoditized industry, you need a contrarian mindset.
  • Time to Ponder We take time to consider.

Career experience across our team spans both coasts, but our professional advisors eventually returned to the heart of the Midwest. We prefer the gentler pace, the creative spirit and the Midwestern work ethic of Omaha. Many of the Lawson Kroeker team members are involved in Omaha organizations, including those that promote the arts, and volunteer for non-profit organizations.

Our team at Lawson Kroeker is mindful of national trends, but rather than reacting to headlines, we take a long-term view of investing.

“The culture and values are remarkably the same as when we started. This is rare in an industry that is very personality-driven and where people are often loyal to an individual, rather than a team. It’s part of what makes Lawson Kroeker so unique,” says Chad Clauser, Chartered Financial Analyst®.

Our perspective is sometimes called “contrarian” – a little outside the norm – because investing services have become part of an increasingly commoditized industry, full of chatter and media headlines. Now, more than ever, we are committed to an authentic, personal and purposeful approach … and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

As a focused firm, we make decisions in-house, rather than farming them out to another company. In fact, one of the reasons our team members love Omaha and the Midwest is that we get to work directly with our clients, and we have time to think about how our decisions are going to impact our investors.

Our process is research-driven and expert-led.

The Lawson Kroeker Investment Process:

  • Seek out distinct companies that we believe possess competitive advantages, are underfollowed, undervalued and underappreciated.
  • Examine each individual company in-depthh and subject them to rigorous evaluation.
  • Collaborative effort of the investment team to accept/reject investment ideas after all concerns have been addressed.
  • Select the companies we believe appear to offer the best potential return for the risk being taken.

Investment Criteria: Built to Follow a Precise Process

  • At the center of our research is a repeatable pattern that guides us as we invest for lasting value. We seek consistent high-quality company stocks, and we look for:
    • Good businesses that we understand, have a competitive advantage and possess high profit margins.
    • Companies that have little or no debt, free cash flow and deploy capital wisely.
    • Firms with superior management teams; leaders who are honest, ethical, energetic and have a strong track record of increasing the value of their organizations.
    • Businesses we can buy at a discount to our estimate of value – what is known as margin of safety.

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