Investment Philosophy

“I learned from our co-founders years ago to treat each portfolio as if it were your mother’s or your grandmother’s.”
- Tom Sudyka, Portfolio Manager

At Lawson Kroeker, we put a high priority on discipline and focus to help our clients preserve wealth. We celebrate integrity over short-term gains.

In fact, we believe in the fine art of investing. Our team works with clients in a constant flow of finesse and flexibility, carefully crafting the unique picture of what each client wants success to look like.

Like fine art, each investment portfolio should reflect the creative and personalized aspects of a masterpiece. As a focused firm, we can tweak the process to meet individual client needs, but we remain consistent to principles of success over time. The result is a patient, consistent approach that builds confidence for clients and success across an ongoing relationship. This means not getting caught up in the drama of the headlines that come out of Wall Street, but using long-term investment strategies that help build and protect your wealth for the future.

Working toward each client’s
success one-on-one is the only
way we do business.

We are willing to stand apart from the crowd, even if we are one of the only firms doing so. In the words of Tom Sudyka, Portfolio Manager, “Winning is not defined by how most Wall Street people would see it, or by an ad on television. It’s about the client’s success".
  • Long Term
  • High Quality
  • Focused

We invest in high-quality companies that we expect will perform over time. Our process can be described as disciplined and repeatable; focused on the long-term; with a minimum three to five-year outlook and holding period.

Our decisions are based on rigorous research. By investing for the long-term, we seek to avoid the whims of the market – because following the crowd usually isn’t the best plan for achieving financial success in the long-term.

We invest in a small list of favored securities, and we focus our decisions on companies where we know and understand their businesses. The ability to focus on a select group of companies sets us apart – and allows us to focus on a select group of clients, too.

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