Since 1986

Diligent and thoughtful investing since 1986.

Founded in 1986, Lawson Kroeker Investment Management is in its third generation of ownership, and still operating on the same principles as those of our founders. We describe ourselves as patient, polished and humble. Read more to learn about Frank Lawson and Ken Kroeker, and how we continue to put their ideas for integrity, independence and customer service into practice.


Ken Kroeker, CFA®

Ken Kroeker spent seventeen years at the Omaha National Bank (now U.S. Bancorp), the last nine years he was Trust Investment Chair before co-founding Lawson Kroeker Investment Management in 1986. He holds a B.A. Education, University of Nebraska (Kearney), and an M.A. Finance, University of Nebraska. Mr. Kroeker continues to generate investment ideas over all strategies drawing from his 40+ years of investment management experience.

Reflecting on the company’s journey, now 30-plus years in the making, Ken says: “When we started we said it would be a permanent firm. Frank and I owned stock in the company and we’ve sold that to Tom Sudyka and Bruce Van Kooten, both of whom had a strong history with Lawson Kroeker. And they’ve selected a few to sell it to as they move it forward, and it keeps going like that – instead of selling out the business to another investor or merging to another firm.”


Frank V. Lawson, Jr.

Frank V. Lawson, Jr., was a company founder and a great inspiration to our team. His knowledge, integrity and excellence impacted each of us. Frank offered his uncommon wisdom in the fields of investments, and of life, with great generosity.

Today, we confidently continue his work. We warmly encourage you to sit down at our table and learn more about Frank — and to find out how his philosophies are still a cornerstone of our work every day.

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