Why You May Want to Consider a Phased Approach in Your Retirement Planning

Your retirement planning should include a consideration of a phased approach.

Retirement planning is filled with questions that are impossible to answer, such as how long you will live, what kinds of returns you will get on investments and what health issues could possibly complicate your plans. As with any financial decision, it’s a good idea to take some time to decide what level of risk […]

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Planning for Retirement: Should You Invest or Pay Off Your Mortgage Early?

There’s something so exciting and so … gulp … eye-opening about buying a home. (You’re going to be paying off your house until you’re how old?) When planning for retirement, many homeowners wonder whether it would be better to pay off their mortgage earlier or invest more in their portfolio. The logic behind this question […]

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Three Retirement Planning Tips for Your Last Five Years of Working

You’re five years from your anticipated retirement date, and things are looking pretty good. You can look back over a satisfying career, and you have plenty of retirement plans to look forward to. From travel to more time for hobbies, you’re expecting to have a lot of fun enjoying the fruits of your labor. Even […]

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Planning for Retirement in Your 50s: What’s Your Vision, and Are You On Track?

If you’ve recently celebrated a milestone birthday of turning 50, then you may notice a few things. You may be more interested in activities that have meaning – or those activities that you just enjoy for the sake of enjoying them. You may be making regular visits to a child who is away at college. […]

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Have You Made These Common (But Lesser-Known) Missteps When Planning for Retirement?

Investing for retirement may not need much adjustment, despite the chaotic headlines surrounding the economy.

Surprise. There is a fair amount of complexity associated with retiring. Sometimes there are feelings of genuine confusion over “what’s next?” For many retirees, it can take several months or a year (or more) to find a new and meaningful routine. For others, a big move to a new city can lead to excitement … […]

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