Chad Clauser CFA®

Partner and Portfolio Manager
People should know the Lawson Kroeker story. The company was founded over 35 years ago and is now in its third ‘generation.’ Yet the culture and values are remarkably the same as when we started. This is rare in an industry that is personality-driven and where people are often loyal to an individual rather than a team. It’s part of what makes Lawson Kroeker unique.
– Chad Clauser, CFA®
Partner and Portfolio Manager

Chad’s career has taken him to many places—Asia, Europe, and all over the U.S.—and he has worked inside (or along with) many of the largest global financial institutions. Before joining the firm, he was a senior analyst at a local investment advisor and a vice president at a New York investment bank. He earned the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®) designation in 2009 and is a member of the CFA® Society of Nebraska.

Chad grew up in Leavenworth, Kansas, before going to the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, where he received a bachelor’s in Finance and completed minors in both computer science and mathematics. His next step was to Chicago and then on to New York to be closer to the clients he served.

“These opportunities gave me insight into the broader world of industry competitors—what they do well, but also where they fall short. Larger institutions generally provide a common product to a broader audience and the advisor is very far removed from the end customer,” says Chad.

“Professionally, large institutions provide far less in terms of being able to see the impact an advisor’s work has for clients. It is also hard for one advisor to turn the dial much for the company. In contrast, Lawson Kroeker is tuned-in to each client and we make decisions based on client’s individual goals as a team in a connected way.”

When you ask Chad what made him settle down in Omaha and at Lawson Kroeker, he says it comes down to three things: family, culture and values. “Omaha has a culture of entrepreneurship that allows it to punch well above its weight and that mentality has spread throughout the community. It promotes interesting opportunities and a philosophy of continuing to push forward.”

“Lawson Kroeker is one of the few organizations (big or small) that not only has a clear vision for the direction they are headed. We have established a culture that self-preserves and a succession plan for years to come,” he adds.

When Chad is not managing portfolios or working with clients, you might see him packing up for a trip to Colorado to hike, ski or fish. He is also involved in his church and has a strong desire to raise his children well-grounded with open hearts for the world. Chad also loves to travel and read and has a goal of seeing one new country each year.

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