We Know Where to Hammer
May 12, 2022
When a homeowner grew frustrated trying to eliminate the squeaks in his floor with his hammer, he complained to a neighbor, who recommended a local craftsman. The craftsman entered the home, walked slowly around the room and then pulled out a hammer and nail. With three swift whacks, he solved the problem forever.

The homeowner was surprised to see a $45 bill arrive, but smiled when he saw the itemization and promptly wrote a check. The craftsman charged $2 for the hammering, but $43 for knowing where to hammer.

At Lawson Kroeker, you might say we also know where to hammer. You’re paying for reports and advice, but much more than that, you’re paying for the work and insight that goes into our four-part process:

  1. Identifying companies that have distinctive competitive advantages
  2. Analyzing identified companies through an extensive examination
  3. Confirming through collaborative consideration whether to accept or reject an investment
  4. Implementing the selection that offers the best return for the risk involved

When you hire Lawson Kroeker, you can sit back and trust that we know where to hammer.

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