Wealth Management

Because we manage money directly, without using outside managers, salespeople, or distribution costs, we believe that our investors typically pay more reasonable fees than many other brokerages and asset allocators. This may mean potentially higher returns over the long term.

Bruce Van Kooten, CFA®

Partner and Portfolio Manager

Your Financial Roadmap

Have you created a simple financial roadmap? It’s often the first step in helping to achieve your goals.

Our job is to help you define your short- and long-term goals, audit your current income and investments and estate and philanthropic efforts. We collaborate with you to create an action plan, account for potential scenarios, implement, and continuously monitor your roadmap.

We don’t take more risk than appropriate for each client. We are active managers but not traders.

Estates and Trusts

We work with Omaha-based trust and estate planning attorneys to help meet your estate and trust planning goals. If you are the beneficiary of an estate, we ensure those assets are invested appropriately based on your situation. We set up and maintain investment portfolios designed to align with your goals.


Retirement planning is the process of building and managing wealth for and your family. Lawson Kroeker can help you create your plan and choose whether a Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, 401(k), 403(b), or other vehicle is best for you.


Lawson Kroeker can also assist in achieving your philanthropic goals. We facilitate the process in collaboration with local tax professionals and estate planning attorneys to maximize the impact of your philanthropy efforts.

Tax Management

While no one can control the economy or markets, we can manage your portfolio with a goal of minimizing taxes. We help clients manage gains and losses to minimize taxes.

Account Types We Manage

Separately Managed Accounts

Retirement Accounts
Taxable Accounts
Trusts, Endowments, and Foundation

Mutual Fund Accounts

Proprietary Mutual Fund

Worried​​ ​​about​​ ​​how​​ ​​to​​ ​​reduce​​ ​​taxes​​ ​​when​​ ​​transferring​​ ​​wealth​​ ​​to​​ ​​your​​ ​​children?​ ​Get​​ ​​your​​ ​​guide​​ ​​now.​