What Makes Lawson Kroeker Different From Other Investment Management Firms?
June 22, 2018

Investment Management That’s Focused, Flexible and Carefully Considered

You have a lot of choices when it comes to investment management. You may have so many choices, in fact, that it can become challenging to know what you should be looking for in an investment management firm.

When you come to Lawson Kroeker, you’ll see a difference right away. You’ll see that the team at Lawson Kroeker has all the Wall Street savvy and knowledge, and that we offer several team members with large portfolio management experience … But what you won’t see is the disconnection (and the drama) of Wall Street. Instead, your portfolio will be handled with a patient, consistent approach that builds success over time.

Lawson Kroeker is built on a unique foundation. We are a small team which allows us to be client-focused. We’re also employee-owned, which means each advisor is fully invested in the process. Our team offers 30 years of experience, lending a disciplined strength to our business practices. We’re known as advisors who “spend time thinking,” a quality our co-founder Ken Kroeker established from day one. We’re proud to continue this legacy.

Did we mention we are independent? Another point of difference is that Lawson Kroeker is not associated with any single bank. Clients are able to hold their portfolio at any custodian according to their priorities. In addition, we can assist with all your investment management needs with our single team – and this means confidence, efficiency and alignment. Across various life situations including divorce, estate planning and death, we’re right there beside you.

Lawson Kroeker advisors are held to a higher standard. You need an investment management firm that holds its work to the same level of integrity that you hold your own. At Lawson Kroeker, advisors are fiduciaries. This means that any action taken must be in the best interest of the client. Many financial advisors are only held to the lower suitability standard, meaning that any action must only be considered a suitable choice for the client.

Did you know it takes three years for Lawson Kroeker advisors to become Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA®s), and each advisor is a practitioner, not a salesperson? In fact, we see our work as an art form and this allows us to be deliberate and thoughtful. In contrast, for many firms, the emphasis is toward growing sales and chasing market fads. At Lawson Kroeker, the focus is on protecting and growing your wealth, and we are proud of our low manager-to-client ratio.

Clients appreciate the Lawson Kroeker “experience.” While clients vary in their reasons for doing business with Lawson Kroeker, there are certain qualities that stand out and are frequently mentioned:

  • You’ll never feel pushed into a particular investment with our advisors.
  • Advisors engage in a lot of conversation with clients, allowing them to get to know you and your needs.
  • There’s no race to a sale, so your first meeting will simply involve conversation.

You’ll notice that when you place your investment management in the hands of Lawson Kroeker, your experience is noticeably different than with other advising firms. Contact us at Lawson Kroeker  and find out how we’ll work together.

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