Don’t Let the “Hot Stuff” Headlines Scare You: 3 Investing Principles That Outrank Trends

Investing isn’t done in a vacuum; while Lawson Kroeker pays attention to headlines, advisors don’t just follow trends.

At Lawson Kroeker, we like to say that we are contrarian. If all of Wall Street is running in one direction, you can count on our advisors to at least ask some serious questions before joining the herd. Does that mean that the advisors simply ignore the headlines when it comes to investing? Absolutely not. […]

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Planning for Retirement: Should You Convert to a Roth IRA?

If you have investments managed through a 401(k) or a traditional IRA, you may have wondered if your planning for retirement would improve with a Roth IRA. You’ve heard that, for some, it is advantageous to convert to a Roth IRA, but how do you determine what could be the best fit for your plans? […]

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Second Career On Your Mind? Many Retirees Find Unexpected Reasons To Do So

Baby boomers are retiring on a daily basis at staggering rates. But just because they’re retirees doesn’t mean they’re dropping out of the workforce. A recent survey shows that 59% of retirees expect to at least take part-time work in retirement. And while money is a major motivator to remain employed, there are other benefits, […]

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Is It Phishing Season? Learn to Recognize Phishing and Keep Your Information Secure

Each year, thousands of individuals fall into a phishing scheme – and many will spend weeks sorting out their critical financial account information once the frightening situation has been discovered. You may be aware that this is something to watch for, but did you know that some of the most public and headline-worthy security breaches […]

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Investing for Retirement in a Confusing Economy

Investing for retirement may not need much adjustment, despite the chaotic headlines surrounding the economy.

There are many headlines focused on the economy and its chaotic ways, especially during a pandemic. You may have experienced some confusion in hearing that the stock market is reaching record heights while unemployment is still worryingly high. What does that mean for you in terms of investing for retirement? What Stock Market Performance Indicates, […]

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