Why Strategic Investment Management Doesn’t Always Look Busy
September 23, 2019
Early members of the Lawson Kroeker team, including Bruce Van Kooten, Portfolio Manager, can look back fondly on memories of co-founder Frank Lawson dedicating a lot of time to work that didn’t look much like investment management. (Or at least how the general public would think of investment management tasks.)

Frank would be in his office, quietly sitting at his desk. If anyone asked what he was up to, he would respond simply with, “Thinking.”

“Smart investing requires careful contemplation of the next step in the strategy, as well as knowledge of how that step might impact future investments. It requires looking at what’s happened, historically, especially because we want to invest with companies we know and understand – and those with a history of making money,” says Tom Sudyka, Portfolio Manager.

There’s also a creative side to investment management, and that requires time to think.

“Like fine art, each investment portfolio should reflect the creative and personalized aspects of a masterpiece. Like the colors and styles in a commissioned piece, your investments are designed for who you are as an individual,” says Sudyka. “This approach takes time. It takes diligence. It requires careful focus – but this is the philosophy our firm was built upon, and it’s how we continue to move forward.”

This approach is harder to find in large-scale investment firms, says Sudyka, who are becoming more commoditized as an industry. “Finding firms that build portfolios for individuals is becoming increasingly more difficult. Large investment firms try to fit you into one of their product models, which is more like a commodity.

We believe our clients value having a portfolio built for their needs and objectives – and that they value the opportunity to enjoy an authentic experience from a thoughtful team they can trust. Investment management isn’t about outperforming an index or other metrics. It’s about helping individuals and families achieve their aspirations for their future and looking for ways to protect the wealth they have,” says Sudyka.

For more information about why having time to think is a key part of success at Lawson Kroeker, send us an email. We also invite you to watch our video to learn more about the value of taking time to think.

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