Should Your Retirement Strategy Change in These Unusual Times?
April 24, 2020
It’s an unusual time, and the headlines might make you consider if you should be rushing to change your approach to your retirement strategy. The short answer is no.  At Lawson Kroeker, investment philosophies are based on time-tested principles — because history shows that maintaining consistency tends to lead to the highest chances of success. Here are some things to consider now to help boost your confidence in your investment practices:

• Consistent Methods Still Apply. The center of retirement strategies is a repeatable pattern, in which high-quality company stocks are sought out for a few distinct qualities:

⇒ They are good businesses with a competitive advantage and high profit margins with little or no debt, free cash flow and wise capital deployments.
⇒ They show superior management that demonstrates honest, ethical and energetic practices to increase the value of their organizations.
⇒ Businesses that can be purchased at a discount to the estimate of value, or a good margin of safety.

• There is a Process. For each company that Lawson Kroeker considers for investments, there is a set of steps that allows for careful planning:

1. Identify companies that demonstrate a competitive advantage, are underfollowed, undervalued and underappreciated.
2. Analyze the individual company through rigorous evaluation.
3. Confirm with the team to accept or reject investment ideas after all concerns have been considered.
4. Implement by selecting companies believed to offer the best return while considering the risk involved.

• It’s Still About You, the Client. The investment advisors at Lawson Kroeker choose to work and live in the Midwest, in a focused firm, because they value the ability to serve each individual client. They value the ability to think about each decision.

So…should you change your retirement strategy? Not if you’re working with Lawson Kroeker. Find out today how we remain true to focused, long-term investment solutions to help our clients build and preserve wealth.

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