Beyond the Books: 3 Things Tom Sudyka Has Learned About Investment Management From Senior Leaders

An investment advisor can attend conferences, learn about theories of investment management from books, or complete in-depth certification programs, such as the  Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®). But there’s a different side of knowledge when it comes to investment management, and that’s the wisdom gained by experience. That’s why Tom Sudyka, Lawson Kroeker Portfolio Manager, is […]

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Why Lawson Kroeker Favors Long-Term Investment Advice Over Speculation: And, Does Speculating Over Investment Advice Even Work?

As winter approaches the Midwest, some experts say the bear market is stirring from hibernation, ready to come out of its den. As the bull market continues an extensive run since March 2009, many investors wonder what investment advice should guide their decisions. In truth, if you’ve ever worked with our team at Lawson Kroeker, […]

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